P – Practice effective teaching: inquiry, planning, instruction & assessment.
To demonstrate a positive impact on student learning, teacher-candidates…

P1 – Practice intentional inquiry and planning for instruction.
Teacher-candidates plan and/or adapt standards-based curricula that are personalized
to the diverse needs of each student.

P2 – Practice differentiated instruction.
Teacher-candidates apply principles of differentiated instruction, including theories of
language acquisition, stages of language, and academic language development, in the
integration of subject matter across the content areas of reading, mathematical,
scientific, and aesthetic reasoning.

P3 – Practice standards-based assessment.
Teacher-candidates use standards-based assessment that is systematically analyzed
using multiple formative, summative, and self-assessment strategies to monitor and
improve instruction.

P4 – Practice the integration of appropriate technology with instruction.
Teacher-candidates use technology that is effectively integrated to create
technologically proficient learners.

My interpretations of the P principles:

P1 – Practice intentional inquiry and planning for instruction.

Teachers need to attend to the needs of the students and plan the curriculum based on those needs. Teachers should keep in mind the learning styles of students when planning assignments or projects. They also need to adapt to the goals and the learning styles set in order for the students to understand the connection to what they are learning.

P2 – Practice differentiated instruction.

Teacher should build a language consistency that will allow the learned information from previous assignments to connect with new information from new assignments. Teachers should be able to teach the students in a different way than the one they are used to in order to provide a well rounded teaching style.

P3 – Practice standards-based assessment.

Teachers should provide standards-based assessments to asses students upon the information given to them. It’s an effective way to measure the level of understanding of students. It also help students visually see their progress which could potentially boost their confidence. Teachers must also assess themselves to monitor and improve their teaching styles. They can do so by the results of their students assessments.

P4 – Practice the integration of appropriate technology with instruction.

Teachers should properly integrate tools and technology into curriculum to give students a stronger connection with the lesson. It should be used as another form of learning tool that engages the students in their learning.


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