Honor Student Access to Content Material

H2 – Honor student access to content material.
Teacher candidates use multiple instructional strategies, including the principles of second language acquisition, to address student academic language ability levels and cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

As I understand it, HOPE principle H2 is teachers understanding for all students to be properly informed of resources available to them inside and outside of the classroom. It’s important that students are aware of resources and services accessible to them. By having access to a great number of resources, students can nurture their interest in content materials. In my internship so far, I have honored student access to content material by taking the class to the library to check out books. Our class goes to the library every other Wednesday to check out books they are interested in or feature topics related to what the class is learning about. As a result, I have seen stronger student engagement during reading because they chose the books themselves. As evidence, I have attached our class reminder for library day and several pictures of how students spend their time at the library.Library 1

Upon their arrival to the library, the school librarian, Mrs. Roberts, reads a book while students sit in front of her and listen to the story. Mrs. Roberts engages the students by showing pictures, asking questions, and making comments as she reads the book. Following the book reading, students are dismissed to search for a book of their choosing throughout the library. Students learn how to search for a book using the computer, using genre, and author names to locate the book in the library shelves. If time allows, students are able to play academic games, watch videos, and read on the library computers on the online eBooks. Students are able to play a number of games varying from animal sorts, puzzles, and even typing games. Students are able to use Kindle for Kids on the Seattle Public Library website, and watch interactive videos on various subjects.

Library 2Library 3Library 4Students experience in the library is a great reminder of the importance of honoring student’s access to content material. In the library, our second grade class is read a book in their grade level, learn to search books on various topics, and play games or watch videos related to topics being learned in class. In my future classroom, I would incorporate library plans for each student. Students would create a plan of how they want to spend their time while in the library. I believe this will allow students to think about their available resources and how they want to use them in a better form.Library 5

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