Roles in the Greater Society

H5 – Honor student potential for roles in the greater society.
Teacher candidates prepare students to be responsible citizens for an environmentally sustainable, globally interconnected, and diverse society.

In my interpretation of Hope Principle H5, student’s need to be taught content that are pulled from the society. Students’ need to be informed of major holidays or happenings outside of the school curriculum. In the beginning of the February month, my mentor teachers and I have been preparing our students for three recognized events in the school: Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year’s, and the 100th day of school. While these events may not be connected, it was important that we, as a class, recognized them. We have pulled bits of time out of the main curriculum to invest the knowledge necessary for the students to learn about these events. As teachers, we have committed ourselves to ensuring our students are at least informed of the celebrations behind holidays. For evidence, I have attached pictures of our student’s crafts leading up to the celebrations. In the first picture, one of our student styled her hair in the shape of a heart in celebration of Valentine’s Days.

Valentines Day Hair

In the second picture, students colored and constructed a dragon as a symbol of the Chinese New Year’s.


Finally, in the last picture, students decorate hats in celebration of the 100th day of school.

100th Day of School Hat

According to Theory of Society by Lev Vygosty, society is the agent of cultural heritage that makes the development of mind possible. Society can be further defined as social interaction. Since schools are a place where social interactions of all kind takes place, they are a form of society. Schools are incorporated into the larger society and have that as their context, making some of their activity settings determined by this larger context. In relation to the events that were recognized in our classroom, society has a major impact on their recognition. Students would not be concern too much about Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year’s, or the 100th day of school if it were not for the recognitions of these holidays in their society (school). The greater society is the bearer of ideas in which the development of thinking and reasoning is possible in smaller societies.

It is in my opinion that students need to be more informed of happenings or celebrations that are taking place in their society. It is in this knowledge that they are able to grow and transform in order to competently carry out roles in the greater society. In the future, I hope to include celebrations of major holidays as well school recognitions. Only in my future classrooms, I will host the holidays in the styles of the students, rather in the styles of the teachers. I will take time to brainstorm ideas with students and have them be involved in the planning process.


Vygotsky. Lev, S Mind in society (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1978), 38-39.

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