Aligning Curriculum to Standards

O1. – Offer an organized curriculum aligned to standards and outcomes.
Teacher candidates align instruction to the learning standards and outcomes so all students know the learning target and their progress toward meeting them.

As a teacher, it is important to have a curriculum aligned with grade level standards to achieve a set goal or outcome. In my understanding of HOPE Principle O1, teachers need to match their lessons with the grade level learning standards. In a recent Reading lesson I taught in my second grade classroom, I composed a lesson plan organized to teach students more about vowels, a concept our class has been learning, and aligned it to Common Core State Standards. To summarize the lesson, students learned pronunciation of short vowels then applied their knowledge to find short vowels in the book “The Relatives Came.” Afterwards, students returned to their desks to find words containing short vowels in their choice of books. As evidence, I have attached my Reading Lesson Plan detailing the specifics of what was taught. This lesson allowed students to use prior knowledge of vowels to learn about short vowels.

Before teaching the lesson, l read the standard I was going to be teaching the class thoroughly. It allowed me to gain deeper knowledge of what I was teaching the students. In “Toward a Curriculum Theory,” Robert Morris and Russel Hamm studied the intellectual structures for organizing knowledge. Ham and Morris explain curriculum theory using five different structures. They list conceptual, cognitive, empirical, and existential structure forms curriculum can be approached. Various teachers organize curriculum using different structures depending their student community. In my classroom, I used the conceptual structure as I was trying to familiarize a concept to the student. I was attempting to teach standards that are appropriately aligned to the grade level and conceptual development that operates in the school throughout the year (Hamm and Morris).

As a result of my planning, students were able to gain a conceptual understanding of vowels sounds, specifically, short vowels. Having an organized curriculum aligned to a grade level strengthened the results of my students learning. In my future lesson planning, I will organize my lessons plans according to a grade level learning standard. It perfected my teaching process and the outcome of the lesson.

Hamm, Russel. Morris, Robert, C. “Toward a Curriculum Theory.” Indiana State University, Terre Haute. Web. <>. 02.06.15.

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