Professionally-Informed and Growth-Centred Practices

E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice.
Teacher-candidates develop reflective, collaborative, professional growth-centered
practices through regularly evaluating the effects of his/her teaching through
feedback and reflection.

In my internship thus far, I experienced the importance of continuously seeking competence in the field of education. With its constant change in curriculum, policies and students, teachers need to keep themselves informed and practical. I have exemplified professionally-informed, growth-centered practice by attending a teachers training workshop this school year; a Math in Focus training in the fall, and Weighing and Measuring for science in the winter, in an effort to fulfill this need. Both of these trainings were offered by the Seattle School District and aligns with the Common Core State Standards in which I will be teaching during my internship. By attending the trainings, I have increased my knowledge in both subject areas as well as gain tips for best teaching approaches when presenting the information to the students.

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As evidence, I have attached pictures of notes I took during the workshop for both trainings. During the Math in Focus training, I have written down particular approaches that stood out to me and steps on how to carry them out. I have written down transition guide to chapters, attaining direct involvement of students, chapter planning, and more. The most I took away from the math training involves monitoring train of thoughts when planning the lesson. In the last page of the notes, I wrote down questions that must be considered when planning lessons. The science workshop on the other hand was run differently. The training was hands on and the trainee had us (teachers) complete the activities that were to be taught to the students. I thought this approach to be more beneficial as it awarded me a first experience of the lessons. I found the workshops to be very helpful as I will often reflect on the experience. The notes have acted as formal reminders of the most important things to remember when presenting information to the students.

My attendance in the Math in Focus and Weighing and Balancing trainings have increased my competence in math and science. The workshops have prepared me in remaining relevant in the field of education. The knowledge gained from these workshops will be evident in my student’s success. In the future, I hope to integrate with many of the other teachers that are also teaching the same content as me. It will provide me with the awareness of what my colleagues are doing in their classrooms.

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