Classroom as a community for learning

H3 – Honor the classroom/school community as a milieu for learning.Sheltered instruction that is connected to communities within the classroom and the
school, and includes knowledge and skills for working with others.

To me, H3 means ensuring that the classroom remain a sacred learning space. Students should feel comfortable in the environment and teachers should continue to ensure that classroom maintain comforting and welcoming for students learning. It’s important for teachers to create a positive classroom atmosphere that’s inviting in which kids can enjoy learning. In order to do so, teachers and students need to create and agree on classroom rules and procedures. In room 207, this is exactly the case. The classrooms milieu consist of jobs, classroom rules, hallway rules, and ways to control one’s behavior during class and group work. As early as the beginning of the school year, my mentor teachers sat down with our students to brainstorm rules that needs to be followed in order to have a respectful classroom environment. Every one of the students had the opportunity to share whichever rule/s they think was necessary to maintain a comfortable and thriving classroom. Everyone contributed either by suggesting an idea or agreeing to ideas proposed.My mentor teachers then laminated the rules and guidelines to post in the classroom as reminders of how the classroom was to function. I have attached pictures of the rules and guidelines that are posted in the classroom as evidence.tàºtëç 4tàºtëç 6

Room 207 is a positive and thriving classroom because of the agreed rules and guidelines that were composed by the students and teachers. Everyone have a role to play – that is to follow the rules – when in the classroom. The rules are a foundation of how successful the learning will be. The rules are also a foundation of the relationships that takes place in the classroom. Every student is a member of the classroom environment. It is important that students respect that environment.In addition, following the classroom rules aids the relationship that takes place in the classroom. That relationship can then be carried out of the classroom to positively influence the entire school and community as a whole.Relationships makes the bond between people stronger and it makes people feel more comfortable when around one another. By following the classroom rules and guidelines, students, teachers, and community members will share an unbreakable bond.tàºtëç 1tàºtëç 5

Students are also learning how to be responsible and independent by taking on leadership roles and performing a weekly job.As a result of the classroom jobs, rules and guidelines, students are more conscious about the choices they make while in the classroom. They are learning how to participate in a well-functioning environment. An environment they have a responsibility to maintain its well-being. When students feel involved and supported, they will thrive in any curriculum they are given. It is important that students feel like they are an important member of the classroom. It is also important for students to feel welcomed. It is only when they feel like they belong that they will perform at their full potential in their coursework. In the future, I plan to carry out many of the procedures that take place in room 207. I want to my future classroom to have classroom jobs and have my students be part of composing the rules and classroom expectations  because I have seen its success first hand.tàºtëç 3

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