Struggling Readers Case Study

E2 – Exemplify collaboration within the school. Teachers should take the feedback given to them by mentors to improve their teaching style. Teacher should collaborate with other teachers within the school and the community to exemplify involvement. They should be active citizens in the school as well as the community.

To me, the HOPE standard O2 is when teachers use resources available within the school to improve or strengthen student’s success. It is important to work with other teachers and colleagues in order to accomplish this goal. In my EDRD 4200 methods class, I was able to exemplify my understanding of O2. As a class project, I worked with an individual student who was struggling with reading. The student I worked with was one who needed improvement with fluency, prosody, and accuracy. I was to come up with an intervention strategy that would improve her reading performance in the areas above. In doing so, I assessed the student to determine her reading level. Then, I implemented a strategy that would improve her performance. I reviewed decoding skills, recognizing punctuation, and reading texts more than just once to aid improvement. I discussed the method with my mentor teacher and received important feedback to consider before carrying out the strategy. Lastly, I monitored their progress throughout the quarter to determine how much they improved based on the intervention strategy. With collaboration with my mentor teacher, the students reading skills increased. The student improved their fluency, prosody, and accuracy.

I exemplified collaboration within the school by working with my mentor teacher to improve the reading skills of a struggling reader. It was important that I asked my mentor teacher for advice because she had stronger background knowledge about the student. In Literacy Support for a Struggling Reader [PP] project, I was able to learn about the importance of collaborating with other teachers. Whether it’s a teacher with more expertise or a teacher who previously worked with the struggling student, it is important that a teacher extends his/her arms for outside help. In the future, I would want to collaborate with more teachers to find the best solution to help students improve their academic progress.

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