Social Studies Reflection

O2. – Offer appropriate challenge in the content area. Teachers need to provide lessons that are appropriate and challenge the students. Teachers should work with students to relate the curriculum to their learning goals in order for the students to develop an understanding of their progress.  Timely feedback should be given in order for the students to strengthen their learning in each lesson.

To me, the HOPE standard O2 means that teachers challenge students by teaching the standards that are aligned with their grade. It is when a teacher provides developmentally appropriate instruction to the students. A teacher might meet this task by integrating subject areas and varying student’s response to class assignments.

In my Social Studies methods class, I was able to model HOPE standard O2 by writing a lesson plan and teaching a part of it to my peers. The lesson plan I wrote integrated Geography with Visual Arts. Students were to watch a short video explaining the purpose of Geography followed by discussion of the video. Afterwards, students were to draw a map of their house and appropriately label the objects in their home environment. In my Social Studies Lesson Plan, I challenged my students to critically observed their environment and represent it the best they could on a map. Students were learning the importance of Geography as well as strengthening their art skills. At the end of the lesson, students were to present to the class their drawing and explain the key features in the map.

In the bit that I taught to my peers, I was able to see the lessons potential to offer developmentally appropriate challenges to the students. I received feedback about how some students might struggle with the drawing portion while others with the presenting portion. The integration of more than one subject is challenging for every student. I hope to look back at this lesson a model for ways to offer appropriate challenge in the content area. I hope to teach this lesson to the students I will teach in the future.

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