EDU 4200 Final Reflection

P2 – Practice differentiated instruction. Teacher should build a language consistency that will allow the learned information from previous assignments to connect with new information from new assignments.

To me, the P2 HOPE standard means it is important for teachers to practice multiple ways of teaching. It is important because every student learns differently. Teachers need to be able to accommodate the learning style of all students to provide equal chance of academic success.

In my EDU 4200 class, I was able to practice differentiated instruction by using a previous lesson plan to teach in a more inclusive and culturally responsive approach. I had the opportunity to practice writing task one and three of the EdTPA. The lesson I used was “Ruby the Copycat” where I read students a story and have them write about a time they were in the same situation as the main character and present it to the class. I wrote this lesson for a class I took earlier this year but revised and edited the lesson to appear inclusive and culturally responsive. I have attached Ruby the Copycat lesson plan as evidence. Aside from writing the lesson, I was also to write an assessment of how I would grade the students as well as a rationale of why I believed the lesson plan was culturally inclusive. In this assignment, I was able to plan the lesson and reflect on my instruction of it.

By teaching “Ruby the Copycat,” I was able to look back on how I previously planned to teach the lesson and make any changes necessary to meet the learning styles of the new students. This lesson gave me a chance to revisit an old lesson and differentiate the instruction to accommodate different learning styles of students. In the future, I will look back on this lesson plan for ideas on how to plan a more inclusive and culturally responsive lesson plan.

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