Ideal Math Project

O1 – Offer an organized and challenging curriculum to standards and outcomes. Teacher candidates align instruction to the learning standards and outcomes so all students know the learning targets and their progress toward meeting them.

To me, this standard means establishing a learning goal for students and the classroom as a whole. Teachers need to be able to address the learning targets to their students so he/she is aware of what is expected of him/her. Teachers need to also share with parents so they know what is expected of their child and how they can better support him/her at home. While it may be challenging, it is just one of the many ways teachers should offer an organized and challenging curriculum to standards and outcomes. One way I organized and challenged curriculum to standards in my method math class is by completing the Ideal Classroom Project. In the Ideal Classroom Project, I was given a fictional budget to select materials for a fictional classroom to present to the principal and parents of what the students will be learning. I was to integrate the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for the grades I were to teach and explain how I would address each standard using the materials I “purchased.” In the project, I emphasized how students were going to be working as a whole class, in groups, partners, and other social learning.

The Ideal Classroom Project helped me organize how I would approach each standard to meet the requirements for the goal set for the grade level I would teach. I have attached Ideal Classroom as evidence to show how I studied the CCSS to plan a yearlong plan for my “classroom.” ​It is important for teachers to be proactive in the classroom. In the future, I will use the approach of learning the standards and organizing my lessons, materials, and classroom arrangements according to the standards. This will aid students learning as well as engage them in the curriculum.

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