The integration of appropriate technology with instruction

P4 – Practice the integration of appropriate technology with instruction. To me, P4 is being able to efficiently use technology to teach. It is essential for a teacher to have knowledge of ways to incorporate technology in the classroom to strengthen students understanding of curriculum.

In EDU 3200, I exemplified integration of appropriate technology with instruction, through my presentation of theories and discipline styles, with another classmate. In one presentation, we used Prezi, an online presentation tool that can be created to your own liking, to present our theories and discipline styles. Our presentation was in a virtual PowerPoint format that contained pictures in some slides. In another presentation, my partner and I used a poster to present an additional theory and discipline style. My ability to use Prezi and a poster board to present the materials to class showed my competency in using technology. The two presentations proved my effectiveness in being able to integrate technology in a classroom.

Though my partner and I could have used Prezi or poster boards for both presentations, we decided it was best to mix up the mediums to prevent ourselves from appearing monotonous. It is important to use whatever medium one decides on efficiently. Understanding what medium to use depending on the material exemplified appropriate technology use. Teachers need to be able to efficiently use whatever medium they decide on.

As a future teacher, it is critically that I am able to appropriately integrate technology into my classroom. It is evident in the society that technology has become a part of everyday life. Having a proficient knowledge on the use of technology will increase student’s engagement in the materials being taught. Whether it is using a power point, a poster board, overhead projector, the use of technology gives clarity to the material and strengthen students understanding.

Poster Board Presentation

Prezi Presentation

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