Practice Intentional Inquiry and Planning for Instruction

P1-Practice intentional inquiry and planning for instruction. To me the HOPE Principle P1 describes the teacher’s intention and learning process when planning a lesson. In order to be an effective teacher, future teachers, such as myself, need to learn and be able to apply teaching techniques that can be applied during instruction. The techniques used vary from teacher to teacher.

One way I practiced intentional inquiry and planning for instruction is by choosing a Common Core State Standard and completing a lesson plan according to that standard. In the lesson plan I composed, I was to read a text and have students discuss as well as write about a similar life experience. During the lesson, I asked students questions to formally assess their understanding of the text. The document attached is a copy of the lesson plan I taught to demonstrate my understanding of p1.

This lesson plan focused on students being able to apply what they read in a text to their own lives. I intended for students to read the text and demonstrate understanding by recalling and writing about a similar life experience. This technique fulfilled the students understanding of the text by allowing the students to make outside connection. The technique of asking students questions throughout the text demonstrated how I was able to further students understanding and enable them to develop in their thinking process. Students had the opportunity to share their responses with classmates and, finally, in the class as a whole.

This lesson plan demonstrates my competency in intentional inquiry. I intentionally asked questions that allowed students to think critically of the text as well as their own lives. As a result, I learned that it is important for teachers to have a well thought-out lesson plan. Having a well-prepared lesson plan is one of the many attributes that make an effective teacher. By planning ahead, teachers are able to think critically of what they want their students to learn and how they plan on achieving that goal. When teachers are prepared, student learning is strengthened. It is important that teachers plan for instruction because it exemplifies what they intend to teach students.

Ruby the Copycat

Ruby the Copycate

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