Final Synthesis reflection

While in Foundations and Educational Psychology (EDU 2200), we’ve covered topics that will help me excel as a future educator. I had the opportunity to meet students going through the teaching program and was able to hear their insights and opinions on topics discussed in class. My experience in EDU 2200 aligned to HOPE standard H3 – Honor the classroom/school community as a milieu for learning. This standard means teachers should create a positive classroom atmosphere that’s inviting in which students can feel comfortable learning. As evidence, I have attached my final synthesis reflection on the class. It includes information of what I learned in the class, the topics we talked about, and particular experiences gained. This course helped me understand important topics in education. We talked about major topics such as how public school began, child abuse and neglect, the different theories and theorists, and how to deliver a lesson plan. These class assignments and in class discussion helped me gain an understanding of what I need to concentrate on as a future educator.

EDU 2200 helped me realized the importance of providing a comfortable classroom in which students can contribute in discussions, group activities and learn about their peers. It helped me value the relationship that students can form with their peers and their teachers. It is important for teachers to provide a classroom setting that allows the students to contribute their opinions. It should be a place where students can be themselves. EDU 2200 has given me the opportunity to bring my personal attributes to classroom discussions, activities and assignments.

Final Synthesis Paper

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