The Day of Common Learning

Seattle Pacific University’s Day of Common Learning, I attended “Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!” It was led by faculty members Jeffrey Keuss, Robert Drovdhal and Greg Fritzberg. This session addresses the question of faith in public schools as well as thoughts and insights from the students and faculty members. The session aligned with the HOPE standard H1 – Honor student diversity and development. The standard can be classified as teacher’s plan to adapt learner centered curricula that engage students in a variety of culturally responsive and developmentally appropriate strategies. A child must maintain an understanding of their faith in order to function well within their community. During the presentation, Fritzberg explains that teachers should not be afraid to talk about religion when it’s essential to a full understanding of the subject. As educators, we must learn the school district’s policies on religion to understand our parenthesis.

Faculty members provided us a system of care work sheet which listed important factors that makes the child a whole. These factors were listed as family support, access to Health and Medical Home, Early Care and Education, Mental Health and Socio-economic Development, and Parent Education. These factors are important because they determine the success of the child as a whole. By looking at this list, I can see that child’s faith and spiritual beliefs have a strong impact on family and community. It cannot be ignored because it would like ignoring a part of the child. We need to teach the whole child which means we cannot ignore faith because it’s important to the growth of the child as a whole.

I believe faith has important implications for how the students learn because it doctrines the students learning. We must teach the whole child using the different aspects of the child provided in the system of care. We could treat religion as an open topic in class not as something to avoid this way students would not have the fear of expressing their religion openly. It is our job as educators to make sure that students learn properly and the best ways to make sure they do is being open to every aspect of the child.


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